Kobe Gunnsion "Brings It" To Big Race

Posted on Thursday, January 8, 2009

MP - Paddling ashore to Sand Hook Beach, New Jersey,  Kobe Gunnison, Australian Speed Walking Champion, has "rocked up" to the US. In his quest to qualify for the US, and ultimately world finals in Helsinki, Finland; the five-time champ has set his sights on The New Jersey Speed Walking Final. His dramatic arrival was documented by the world famous Valentino Shwarshardgard, who is covering the event for his documentary "Helsinki". "Kobe took long and arduous journey to be here!" exclaimed the star-struck Shwarshardgard, "he is exciting, and very fit!" When approached, Gunnison explained his regiment as "bagging broads, speed walking, and bagging broads." He even called out New Jersey favorite Alan Benderhoven, making off-colored comments about the New Jersey native's former spouse, as well as already claiming victory on his march to Finland."He is fierce, and will be tough competitor for Alan," reported Shwarshardgard, "oh, and he has really tight buns...so, there's that too."

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