Shocking Deleted "Survivor" Challenge Exposed

Posted on Monday, March 29, 2010

MP - A recently released photo on the internet has revealed a shocking contest that occurred at some point during the principle photography of the first season of the hit show "Survivor-Borneo".

We all know how the series premiere began when sixteen people were split into two tribes, Pagong and Tagi. Twice every three days, the tribes meet for challenges. Some challenges are physical and some are mental, many are both. But what wasn't known until just recently was that there were actually eighteen contestants.

Julie Craver and Todd Shwimmer have recently been exposed as the two contestants that didn't make the pilot, after winning the "Uber-Shlonger Long-Shore" challenge. The challenge, and the contestants, never made the final cut due to both the obscurity of the yet-to-be-explained nature of the challenge, as well as contestants' unusual celebratory manner. Both contestants were not available for comments, and CBS executives would not comment on the validity of the leaked photograph.

However, Eugene Pembertin, editor for Manic Press has stated, "We are determined to uncover just what the hell was going on before this picture...and good golly, what became of Miss Craver after it."

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