Benderhoven: "I'm Thankful For My Feet"

Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The bucolic hamlet of Whispering Hollow New Jersey has just witnessed the passing of the peak season of red, orange, and yellow leaves shining in the morning sun, and canvassing the sidewalks of Main Street. However, one of it's natives is far from reaching his peak: Alan Benderhoven.  For those of you don't know Alan, he lives on Sarasota Street in a Cape May style home with his wife, Pattie, and his six year old daughter, Nina.  He spends his days securing homeowners insurance for the homes he brokers mortgages for at the offices of 1-800-Sub-Prime. You may have seen him at the supermarket, or waiting on line for his favorite Kinish at Maury's, or better yet, he may have sold you an adjustable rate mortgage that you can no longer afford.  At any rate, donning his trademark orange windbreaker and green track pants, Alan is a vision of Autumn strolling down your lane.  He has high hopes of winning the New jersey speedwalking championships and then racing on to victory in Helsinki.  We caught up with him, or should I say tried to catch up with him, during one of his early morning training sessions this week.  As we approached in the News van, we asked Alan what he was thankful for this Thanksgiving.  He responded simply, "my feet", without breaking his stride.  We too are thankful for Alan's feet and hope he can put Whispering Hollow on the map with his victory.  So, if you see Alan attacking the pavement with determination outside your home (or the house that used to be your home) don't yell obscenities and wish death upon him, cheer him on, and let him know he has your support.  Through togetherness we will rise above these tough times and be all the stronger for it.  From all of us here at the news desk, Peace be with you, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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