Bobby's Ballet: Bringing Down Broadway

Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Underground ballet revolutionary, Bobby Jackson is at it again.  He has gathered a group of disciples in his attempt to overthrow the Broadway Alliance.  With little cash, Jackson is seeking series A funding of $75,000 which will cover uniform tights for the dancers, 15 cases of Bud Light cans for rehearsal breaks, and more importantly it twill cover the cost of renting raw space. He seems to have some decent philanthropic contacts who he feels may be ready to part with some hard earned cash for some cocktail party bragging rights.  If these contacts don't pan out, Jackson may find himself turning to his connections in the New York Venture community, of he which he just joined on the Linkedin social networking site. VC money is tight in light of the economic downturn, so Bobby's Ballet better have a firm business plan in place which will be able to outline ROI for serious investors.  After all, not everyone is looking to jaw it up at a cocktail party somewhere on the upper east side about their latest altruistic venture-the boys downtown are looking for cold hard cash.  Best of luck Bobby.

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