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Rock Dove Brings Home Awards

Johnny Norwell won the Best actor honors at The Flagstaff Film Festival for his portrayal of Rodney Sinclair in Rock Dove (Read Article).  The film was also named Best Short of The Pacific Northwest by the jury at The Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (Read Article).  Below is an excerpt from a blog written by the Vancouver Voice.

Rock Dove

Directed by Christopher Burke & Tommy Walsh

A Raymond Carver-ish slice of life, Christopher Burke and Tommy Walsh ‘s 25-minute short film is an inconclusive and unremitting look at a recently released convict attempting to settle into a job, a relationship, and a reunion with his estranged daughter. Johnny Norwell plays Rodney with occasional uncertainty but robust commitment and real humanity. He is a complex character with a sexual fetish for birds and a loser’s inattention who ends up disappointing both the prostitute (Jessica Sherr) he falls in with and his skeptical daughter (Zoe Farmingdale). Burke and Walsh’s approach is European in its use of long takes, static shots, and a certain documentary distance from their subjects. ~DK     Read Entire Article