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About Us

Tommy Walsh and Christopher Burke have been collaborating on projects together for 10 years.  They have produced over 100 short films, a feature length film, and various branded entertainment videos for start-ups and established brands. Manic is a full-service creative production company specializing in independent film; as well as creating digital campaigns and branded entertainment.  From internet commercials for Coors Light to the award-winning feature film, Shooting Johnson Roebling, Burke and Walsh have gained extensive experience in all facets of the entertainment industry. 


In 2009, we conceived our most experimental project to date: "A Manic Universe of Comedy". With a host of eccentric characters who star in their own mock reality series, create their own social networks, and sling their own products, we set out to have a laugh at American culture.  In the comedy section of this site, you will find character profile pages, web series, commercial parodies, and fake news from the "Manic Press".  All of our characters have helped to create this Manic world, and are tied together in some way.  See if you can see who is connected to whom, and how.


In 2010, we stopped laughing, and wanted to tell some serious stories for a change. This year we have directed two shorts and taken them to festivals all over the country. We also found a distributor for our feature film, Shooting Johnson Roebling.  In the drama section you will find our dramatic shorts. We are currently working on a series of short documentaries which will be airing on the site soon.  Stay tuned.

Our critically acclaimed web site and films have been recognized by:

Open Films

The combined efforts of Team Manic awarded us a filmmaker of the month honor in February 2009 from syndication partner

2009 Webby Awards

The 2009 Webby Awards named as an honoree in the humor category along-side the likes of Funny or Die, My Damn Channel, and The Soup.

W3 Awards

Manic Attack won two silver awards (one for writing, ManicTV, and one for the Comedy Web Series, The Speed Creeper) from The International Academy of the Visual Arts.

Comedy Central

Here's what The Comedy Central Insider had to say about Manic Attack: "...It's like if Lost took place on Funny or Die Island."

Films we’ve produced have screened at some of the following festivals:

Film Festivals