Poop in a Pail

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Roger De la Soul, of ManicAttack.com, offers his latest product to the masses. In this busy world of ours there isn't much time for the leisurely loaf. Poop in a Pail - for busy folks on the go! Never underestimate the exuberance of shitting on others.

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Poop In A Pail

"What a great idea!!!!"


I agree

"too bad i can't poop on the real people."


Poop in a Pail

"I wanna poop on a midget!!!"


Is That Real?

"It looks like real poop to me? Disgusting!"


"Looks real to me. the diarrhea is nasty ass shit"


Poop In A Pale

"Too damn funny man !!!!!! Found you guys listening to the jersey shore podcast. Glad I checked in today to the podcast. Laughing my ass off. This video is worth forwarding all of the fricking place!"


How about a sequel?

"maybe with kids.... pail training? or designer pails like coach bags FUNNY ASS SHIT !!!"