Bobby's Ballet

1 Season, 7 Episodes

The Marines, tutus, and a rock star hair-do aren't usually wrapped up in one human...but you haven't met Bobby Jackson. This Swan Lake-swaggering Viet-Nam Vet is hell bent on bringing down Broadway. Love him or hate him, he's dancing his way into a revolution.

Celebrity Rehab with Katharine Hepburn

1 Season, 6 Episodes

Katharine Hepburn returns from the grave to straighten out a Hollywood gone wrong. With the Sunset strip littered with junkies, alcoholics, and lost souls searching for fame and fortune, Miss Hepburn has come back tougher than ever to show them just how beautiful life can be.

Keeping Up With The Greensteens

1 Season, 5 Episodes

Buy a hybrid, wear hemp clothing, sell your big house, recycle, turn off the fuckin' lights. 'Cause if you don't, there's not a chance in hell of Keeping up with the Greensteens. Watch Mindy and Abner spiral into the unknown as they strive to save the planet.

Mommy Menthol

1 Season, 5 Episodes

A tantastic, palm tree-fingernailed-warrior: Mommy Menthol is filled with Jersey pride. Being a terrible mother and a manipulative cash-hungry golddigger has never looked so fun. Watch her smoke her slut-butts, and search for a rich Jewish doctor.

The Speed Creeper

1 Season, 9 Episodes

Imagine your wife was an alcoholic, you sold life insurance, brokered mortgages, and your only friend was your mother. Sound depressing? Well Alan Benderhoven doesn't let it keep him down. With Olympic dreams and a pair of track shoes, he's speedwalking his way to the promised land: Helsinki.